Chinese to English Translation Services

For a precise and clear translation service, choose Translation Co. Our translators represent the original text with the best grammar and structure. We get deep into the heart of the document’s meaning to transfer it from Chinese to English and English to Chinese.
Boasting native-level fluency, our official translation experts who have a great command of both languages. Each English and Chinese translator takes supreme care, and is unparalleled in their attention to detail.

English and Chinese translation of documents

We are not just linguistic experts – each member of our Chinese translator team also has knowledge of other fields, including law, finance and business. As such, we are able to handle an impressive range of translation services, from official translation of legal contracts to scientific studies, financial reviews and business reports.
We match your document – whether personal or corporate – to the ideal translator, so you receive a translation that is unparalleled in its language flair and grammatical precision.

Our translators are top of their class

At Translation Co, we make sure to only choose the best English to Chinese translators (and vice versa). Each is accredited from leading certification bodies in Australia and internationally, and deals with your translation in the most professional manner. To keep each translator fluent, we undertake frequent language ability tests. You know that you’ll always receive the best.

Honest and trustworthy

In addition to our state of the art computer encryption software to protect your valuable data, our translators are entirely trustworthy to handle any sensitive information. We know that the documents that pass through our hands may contain information that cannot be seen by others. This is why we promise to protect it, every time.

Can we help you?

We are available to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide an obligation-free quote on your exact document. You are welcome to make suggestions to your Chinese translator and guide them on the precise meaning in your files.

Based in Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong, we provide English to Chinese translation services throughout Australia and the world.